Success and Survival Tactics For Life and Work

  • To succeed personally and professionally today, you must have a tactical survival plan for success. Consider the following as a basic format. Reflect on how these tips could be operationalized for you.

          Strive To:

  • Focus Your Goals and Your Vision
  • Omit From Your Life and Work Activities/Services/Functions that You Really Hate.
  • Center Your Endeavors Around Services/Activities/Functions That You Get Real Excited About.
  • Network, Network, Network.
  • Show Up - Be There - Wherever You See The Potential For Boosting Your Life or Your Work.
  • Don’t Get Bogged Down In Minutia - It Tangles Up Your Vision.
  • Develop A Business and Life Plan - And Use It!
  • Release The Small Stuff.
  • Stay Out Of Controversy.
  • Think Out Of The Box.
  • Find Some Problem Solving Buddies - and Use Them.
  • Perfect Your Marketing Strategies.
  • Continually Evaluate What You Are Doing Right and What You Are Doing Wrong.
  • Identify Your Major Support Sources - Who Provides Your Encouragement? Challenge? Support? Love? Money?, Etc.?
  • Figure Our Who You Can Barter With Or Exchange Services.
  • Hire, Contract and/or Secure Employees, Contractees, Etc., Cautiously.
  • Build Up 3-6 Months Of Personal Use Monies to Live On In Case Something Happens To Hinder Your Ability To Work.
  • Clone Yourself Over and Over Again So That You Are Free To Birth Your Vision.
  • Employ Continual Attitude Adjustment.
  • Trust Your Instincts - They Are Usually Always Right.
  • Get Over Your Fears.
  • Believe You Can
  • Persist, Persist, Persist and Persist Some More!
  • Pray At Least Twice A Day.
  • Practice Time and Self-Management.
  • Employ Spiritual Reflection To Anchor Yourself.
  • Volunteer A Lot In The Right Places To Boost Your Vision, Feel Needed and To Foster Your Life and Work.
  • Assert Yourself - Avoid Being Passive or Aggressive.
  • Take Lots Of Mini-Vacations - Go To Wimberly or Fredericksburg, Get a Massage, Take a Half Day Off, Take a Nap, Go To Lunch With Someone You Want To Know Better, Etc., Etc.
  • Take Calculated, Well Thought Out, Risks.
  • Do Something Great For YOU Every Day.
  • Work On Your Relationships and
  • Keep Love, Warmth, and Affection In Your Life All The Time.

1999 Dr. Gloria Jo Floyd / NCEHS / 23640 Scenic Loop Road, Bldg. #2 / San Antonio, TX 78255
Reprinted in Professionally Speaking, NSA - Heart of Texas Newsletter, October 1999

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