Author Unknown

The Christian walk begins with faith in God, who we cannot see.
The journey will end with a very visible,
face-to-face encounter with the risen Savior.
That "sight" will bring us to our knees.
(Philippians 2: 4-11)

The invisible attributes of our lives are numerous. We use
microscopes and telescopes to search those things that are
"invisible" to the un-aided eye.

Things of God also require a special tool:
"Faith". It is not "blind" faith.
The "invisible" God shows himself in many ways. We learn from
preachers and teachers how to "see" through eyes of faith.
They teach us that there is a rich history of God's Power
that can be "seen" by those who really search.
We learn that what seemed at first to be
"invisible", can be seen in a
special way by those who DARE TO BELIEVE.

Our belief is not in just "anything" but in a specific name:

He is known through a specific book:

Scientists learn about the world through books passed to them by
"great names" in the field of science.

Christians are trained in Faith by studying
the "great names and events" of the Bible.

The Name above All Names is and always will be: JESUS. Our Faith
Vision will begin and end with our "looking" at Him.

This reminds me of a statement that helps us stay "focused" as
believers and the church. Our purpose is:
To Know Jesus and to Make Him Known

Author Unknown - Shared by Dr. Gloria Jo Floyd

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