Angela Floyd
Outstanding Speaker, Life Skills Manager, Keynote and Seminar Leader
Speaks On....

D.W.I. (Deal With It)

Select from these subtopics

  • Surviving Difficult People, Conflict and Situations
  • Building Effective Teams / Team Focusing
  • Attitude is Everything — The Key to Success With Others
  • Deal With It — Personal and Professional Steps to Excellence
  • Standards Compliance and Deficiency Avoidance
  • Avoiding Legal Pitfalls
  • Remaining Effective During Unpleasant Situations — Calming Upset (Happy Challenged) Customers/Clients/Co-Workers
  • Time, Self and Life Management

What people are saying about Angela's programs:

"Positive Attitude, Great Communicator"

"Angela puts everyone at ease from the beginning, she is pleasant and very personable"

"Outstanding Sense of Humor"..."She Kept It Interesting"

"Extremely Knowledgeable"

"Angela is a wonderful positive person..she was well informed...I am a newcomer in the medical field..she motivated me to do my job well with confidence"

"...interest was held throughout the seminar..speaker(Angela) had great personality and sense of humor and was very knowledgeable."

Angela has presented to health care providers in the long term care, hospitals, nursing homes, home health care, school nursing and related in numerous states as well as to office and administrative staff.

Contact Angela At...

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Office: 210-698-8700
Fax: 210-698-8701
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