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Volume 1 -  2000
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Greetings again!  Your Volume I 2000 edition of The Entrepreneurs, Speakers, Consultant and Business Owners Coach - Newsletter/Magazine/Journal is ready.  With each issue, we are being ranked higher and higher as the best in business success and survival tactics for your personal and professional lives.

Content this month has expanded to bring you up to the minute information to facilitate your personal and professional success in a multiplicity of areas.

This edition covers the following data:

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Taking Back Your Time

I have to tell you I just listened to an audiotape I authored called Taking Back Your Time.  It was "awesome", "on target", and full of my own best 65 tips for getting your life back.  I am going to share a few ideas here from that tape.  You just have to get a few of these thoughts operational everyday in your life.  People often marvel at how many things I can get done in any given period.  As a result sometime ago, I wrote down my best tips for doing this in a guidebook called Life, Time and Self Management.  I also produced this audiotape.   I am amazed myself at what can happen to our lives, creativity, success, momentum, work and home life when we re-capture our time.  I listened to this tape and re-read my own guidebook just to re-capture more success for me, my family, and my business.   Here are a few things from these two educational materials that you might find useful.  They are not new, we just need to use them.  They are capable of giving back some of your time to you.

I think it should be you.  Do you often say or think I am not in control of my life?  How can you tell?  Ask yourself right now, do I have the time I deserve just for myself?  When is the last time I took time just for me to think, pray, rest, create, vacation, play, goof off, see a friend, spend time with a loved one, etc., etc.?

If your answer wasn't what you wanted it to be - do study how to go about taking back your time or handling better your life, time and self-management.  I really was into this for myself recently because there were a few more things I wanted to create for the world.  I used my re-study to write several new quick and easy to read guidebooks called "Joy Comes In The Morning When...", "Troubles Don't Last Always", an "Because of You In My Life."  Creating these helpful guides made me feel great.  What have you been wanting  to do for yourself or others?   Why aren't you doing them?  Do you find the time to send thank you notes, a get well card, to call and mentor, support and/or encourage?  If not, why not?   Time is available for me to do it, so I stay on top of finding it.  I write in several publications monthly.  Why?  I believe I have been given a mission to share.  I also believe we have each been given one.  What is yours?  Are you finding the time to give it back to your personal and professional world. In other words are you doing first things first?  I hope so - if not - set out on the journey I try to take each and every day of my life - to make a positive difference.   Remember you can only do that if you focus on Taking Back Your Time and assuring that you are in control of your own life, time and self-management. 

Ask yourself if I died today, would I have completed what I was sent here to do?  Oh, you say I am not sure I know what I was sent here to do - then you and I know that you have not spent the time to know who you really are, what you are really about and more importantly where you are trying to go.  I know for sure I am right on this.  I believe that you need to do what I keep trying to do.  Spend my time on first things first.  You will know when you have done this if you haven't already because you will be so happy in what you are doing, you can't stand it!!!

So, if you want to be even more successful in your personal and professional world, focus now on Taking Back Your Time and on Life, Time, and Self Management.  It will do your heart, mind, work, family, friends and soul good!!

Money Thoughts For Entrepreneurs

Frustrated by your money situation?  Write down and answer for yourself these quick questions.  How much money is enough for me?  Where do I make most of my money mistakes?  What are 10 things I can do right now that will have a long range impact on my available money if I follow through and do them?  Here are a few suggestions for you to consider:

  1. Develop a realistic budget and use it

  2. Buy nothing that is not written down in advance on a purchase list when you go into any type of store.

  3. Find 2 people who are in your world who handle money well and ask them to share their best money management tips with you and/or to brainstorm on this with you.

  4. Buy all items you can on special and

  5. Read the guidebook, Financial Success Ain't Going To Come Just Because You Want It, available at with a 25% discount to 6/15/00 or buy another such guide from a local bookstore.  If you are spending money on others, get them the guidebook and require them to use it as well.

Do You Have All The Money You Need?
If you don't have all the money your need or want, consider doing the following:

Thinking Out Of The Box

Want to be a great success at home and at work and/or in the community?  Get smart.  Challenge your head.  Think deep focused thoughts.  Get some mind share buddies and use each other with depth for growth.  Reach back into yourself for your best creativity.  To think out of the box for every issue, problem or concern you have, look deep for solutions.  One simplistic way to do this is to write down no less than 20 solutions, actions, and/or behaviors for any tough issue for which you need to find resolution.  Don't stop at 5-6 as most of us do.  The deeper you think, the more success you can expect.  Know how this works for you.  It works great for me each and every time.

Conflict Resolution

Experiencing a lot of conflict?  Look at your ego and that of those around you.   Write down what causes the conflict in which you find yourself (age, race, religion, gender, politics, variant goals, etc.)  Ask yourself what are 10 ways I can avoid conflict?  Some answers might be:

  1. Actively listen
  2. Be hesitant about giving unasked for advice
  3. Employ empathy
  4. Ask the person "What can I do to fix this problem?" versus "You need to fix this problem."
  5. Study conflict resolution via a tape such as Managing Difficult People, Conflict and Situations available at www.DrGloriaJoFloyd/audiovis.htm
  6. Think before you speak
  7. Make love not war a part of your daily life
  8. Listen deeply to what those who you are in conflict with are trying to tell you.
  9. Don't believe easily that everyone else is wrong and you are right.  That usually isn't what is really happening and
  10. Go to to get even more help if needed on handling conflict, difficult people and situations more powerfully.  If you listen to these thoughts, you are guaranteed to decrease conflict in your life.

Great Websites

May I highly recommend for all your shopping needs that you consider going to our great websites shopping mall for educational materials, newsletters, discussion groups, organizations, associations, and related, by clicking on my site 24/7/366 at   You will even find other shopping sites there.  For everything you need, go there ----anytime!!!!

Entrepreneurs, Consultant, Speakers and Business Owners Tips

For the first time ever you can send me  tips for inclusion in this magazine.  Share tips on work speaking/presenting, consultancy, business ownership, free stuff, advocacy, mentoring, counseling, writing, and related.   Include your name, city, state, and business tips anytime.  I will be sure you and your tip are put in print.  This is a great way for you to share tips that may help save a life, encourage a nurse, energize someone and related.  If you want me to include your email address so you can get feedback just let me know.  Send these to under the subject Tips for Entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs of Distinction

Entrepreneurs throughout the USA/World are still being sought for inclusion in the Millennium Edition of Entrepreneurs of Distinction.  Click here to nominate a business owner at .   Entrepreneurs should be nominated for contributions at the city, county, state, national and international level.   Contributions may be from any area of nursing, including clinical practice, administration, education, authorship, consultancy, mentorship, business ownership and related.  Stop right now and click the link above to nominate a great business owner that you know.  I believe we do not do enough patting on the back of each other.

Do You Know A Great Person

Nominate a great entrepreneur or person to be included in the Millennium Edition of Persons or Distinction.  Self nominations are also considered.

Thought For the Month

"You Can't Make No Difference If You Don't Be Trying...." Dr. Gloria "Jo" Floyd

Entrepreneurs Workshops

For upcoming workshops, see the following sites: or or click one of the links below:

You may also request additional info here

Receptionist / Secretary / Office Managers Problems

If you or the organization's secretary, office manager, receptionists and related are having problems with...

  1. Being professional

  2. Maintaining confidentiality

  3. Telephone skills

  4. Public/Client relations

  5. Technology

  6. Coming into the Millennium

  7. Following orders

  8. Communications and related might want to have them attend from the comfort of their office or home a teleseminar over the telephone on May 30, 2000 from 10:30 am - 12:00 pm (Central Time)   To register for the 29 available slots at $19 each to 5/25/00, please request information at or register at   Registration will be $29 after 5/20/00.  This is a not to be missed program.   Angela is always rated "excellent", "great", "full of facts", "funny", "down to earth", etc. by her program participants.  Get your staff on the phone to have a group give and take, and great content - live during this telephone seminar.

Spiritual Reflections For The Entrepreneur

Do you believe that your spiritual focus can effect your personal and professional life?  Most of us do.  Therefore, it is imperative that you focus daily on this area.  Who are you?  What do you believe?  What are your values?  What are you here to do?  How should you treat others? How do you want to be treated?  What does spirituality mean to you?  Do you know how to meet the spiritual needs of your patients?, clients?, staff?, co-workers?, peers?, family?, your own?  If not, what better time to get in touch with this component of your life.   See some great poems, sign up as a prayer warrior or share a prayer request by clicking one of these links.  Oh you are a great business owner and believe you don't have to understand your and your clients spiritual side - think again.  Most people aren't truly successful until they grasp this area of their lives.

Here's a sample of what you'll find there.

I Love To Live

Today, dear Lord, I'm 80 and there's much I haven't done. 
I hope, dear Lord, you let me live until I'm 81.
But then, if I haven't finished all I want do do,
Would you please let me stay awhile, until I'm 82?
So many places I want to go, so very much to see,
Do you think that You could manage to make it 83?
The world is changing very fast, there is so much in store,
I'd like it very much to live until I'm 84.
And if by then I were still alive, I'd like to stay 'til 85!
More plans will be up in the air, so I'd really like to stick
And see what happens to the world when I turn 86.
I know, dear Lord, it's much to ask, (and it must be nice in heaven)
But I'd really like to stay, until I'm 87.
I know by then I won't be fast, and sometimes will be late,
But it would be pleasant to be around in 88.
I will have seen so many things, and had a wonderful time,
So I'm sure that I'll be willing to leave at the age of 89...maybe.
Just one more thing I'd like to say, dear Lord, I thank you kindly
But if it's okay with You, I'd love to live past 90.

Author Unknown

Your Own Happiness Plan

Yep!  Business owners need to be happy too.  How long has it been since you thought about yourself?  Are you happy?  If not, do you know what you need to make yourself happy?  Consider developing your own happiness plan by writing down these things:

Focusing on these basics can lead to more happiness for you and ultimately your loved ones.  It can also boost your business success!  Remember, you get the answer by actually addressing each question specifically, right here, right now.  Do not delay!  Happy Happiness Planning to You!!

Tell Us What You Want / Sound Off / Editorialize

What additions would you like to see to this e-journal/magazine/newsletter?  Email us your suggestions, comments and questions to under the subject:   Business Owners Sound Off.

Positives About Business Ownership

Here are a few things you and I can find as positives to Entrepreneurship:

  1. A wide, wide range of specialties and subspecialties are open to me

  2. Flexible hours and scheduling options exist

  3. The ability to travel to many, many places especially once I get more time, money, and control on my entrepreneurial endeavors

  4. Respect and appreciation from our clients and staff is a real plus

  5. I can be my own boss!

  6. There is rarely a boring moment

  7. The ability to interact with people from all walks of life is an everyday option.

  8. The ability to witness the miracles of handling unexpected emergencies, employees growth, and meeting a payroll makes me excel.

  9. Various levels of achievement to meet each person's desires & abilities and my own is a great challenge.

  10. The ability to teach others while learning ourselves expands our horizons.

  11. I can have more flexibility and work whatever hours I need (M-F, 8 hr days or doubles on the weekends for example)

  12. You and I operate in so many different directions -- the list is endless!

  13. If you're flexible and not afraid - the sky's the limit.  You can constantly try new things and never should be bored. 

  14. You get to work with a great group of people if you think big business.

  15. You also get to share your ideas and dreams with like-minded people when you join entrepreneurship related organization like a chamber of commerce.

  16. You make a difference in peoples lives. 

Great Entrepreneurs Are...

How well are you doing with these traits?  They are necessary to your entrepreneurial success.

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Domain Names On The World Wide Web

Are you or your organization out front sharing who you are and what you do on your own world wide web (information superhighway)?  If not, it may be time.   Who knows, you may be a giant in your work but no one knows

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Automate Your Web Site

I, also, found a real jewel in mailloop software, found there as well, that helps you automate your online business.  It does all your dirty work for you...automatically.

It will:

This malloop is great.  See more data on it where I found it at:

A Great Home Study Course On Marketing Your Business On The Internet

Another great resource I found at was a phenomenal study course on marketing your business on the internet.  It covers everything...and I do mean everything.

So, check out that site as it is powerful!!


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