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July - August 2001

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Sponsor: Nursing, Consultant, Educational and Health Services (NCEHS)


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Staying Strong In A Mean Spirited Environment

Is Your Entrepreneurial Spirit Calling

To Avoid Allegations of Sexual Harassment

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A New Complimentary Course For You!

Nurse! Rescue Thyself ... Don't Wait On Someone Else To Do It!

By: Dr. Gloria "Jo" Floyd (Ph.D., RN) The Nurses Coach

Hey nurse are you sitting around waiting for "father time", "your DON", "the agency administrator", "your smartest co-worker", "your spouse" or any other mortal being to rescue you?  If so, then listen up.  Unless it is God ... forget it.  You need to rescue thyself; thy old caring one ... as the rest of us are busy rescuing ourselves.

Rescue Thyself From What?

You might be saying what do I need to rescue myself from?  Now child ... oophs ... nurse if you need me to answer that, too ... you really do need to get to "rescuing thyself".  However, I will give you a hint: are you:


Sitting around moaning and groaning about how bad things are for you?


Blaming everybody and the doorstep for the latest trouble you have allowed  yourself to be backed into?


Working everyday in a situation you hate?


Trying to hang on to something that you should have let go of a long time ago?


Letting people walk all over you at home and at work?


Putting off today for tomorrow in all the crisis areas in your life?


Trying, still, to make a relationship work that has not a chance in Hades and you know it?



You get the picture.  Well let me tell you my friend you can wait until the cows come home but you ... that's you ... not your brother -- not your sister -- not your supervisor ... you need to "nurture" your own rescue process.

David Pelzer

David Pelzer, author of the Lost Boy, engendered a lot of thoughts in me on rescuing yourself as I sat and listened to him talk about his childhood of abuse a few days ago.  He shared with us in my thinking, a philosophy that calls on us to rescue ourselves -- from whatever is bad in our lives.  He noted that he was declared the third most severely abused young person in a state's profile.  Mr. Pelzer has gone on to write books, speak and make a phenomenal difference in his own life.  We can do the same thing.  If David Pelzer could talk directly to you I think you would see a strategy of faith in the unconquerable human spirit and how to get the joy out of living a full, rich life.

Some thoughts I thought of from listening to David on rescuing thyself include:


 Do know that you can rescue yourself


To do so, immediate not later action is a must -- don't put off 'til tomorrow what you can do today


Clean away the clutter (tiredness, nutty friends, bad relationships) so that you can focus on where you need to be


Take nothing for granted


Resolve "old, new, or occurring" issues that might be holding you back


Hold no malice for anyone


Go to bed with all conflicts resolved


Forgive the traumatizers in your life -- it is necessary so that you can move on


Put your maximal effort into your life's rescue


Figure out your goals for yourself and what you "really" want to be rescued from


Everyday take care of yourself


Find your faith -- it is more powerful than your fear


Value life, smell the flowers, enjoy the wind, look at the sky, treasure the trees, and commune with nature

O. J. Wade, Sr.

My dad, O. J. Wade, Sr., deceased, was on his own from about age 11, living in cars taking care of himself and surviving however, he could.  Yet he "MADE IT"!!  He was fourth grade "graduated" as he used to tell us but he did not let that hold him back.   He was abused as a child and often told of not having shoes and having to go out in the cold to gather wood for the fire as a young boy.   He had no shoes on and would return inside with the wood and stand near the fire.  Abusively, his stepfather was said to have raked hot coals out of the fire intentionally on his little feet.  He did not get to continue in school, he had to survive on his own.  He rescued himself.  And we must do the same.

My father went on to own a business for 40 years that still exists today.  He owned two farms and lots of cattle that are still operational today.  He rescued a lot of people through his generosity and his garage and wrecking yard business -- much mindful of the one engendered by the long playing series of Sanford and Sons.  My father helped many parents bail their children out of jail, for no fee or compensation over his entire adult life, using his land as collateral.  Why, because he never experienced much in the way of rescuing by others when he was a lad.

Today, my friend, we are not apt to find as many O. J. Wade, Sr.'s nearby.  So, I am going to encourage you to grab onto your God, Your Almighty and Yourself and begin to rescue yourself ... You God will be your biggest help.

Jamie Clark

Recently I listened to Jaime Clark of Calgary, AB, Canada, a climber of Mount Everest, in a conference talking about above all else we need to manage our fears, temper our obsessions with passion and focus on the issue at hand.  In other words, rescue ourselves.

Some things I got from him on what I would call rescuing thyself included that we need to understand that:


 Failure is growth producing


We shouldn't let little things get us down


Quitting is sometimes the right thing to do


Crisis can be a powerful learning tool


We often are searching for magical things but all we need to succeed is simple stuff


Peace -- that lets you know you have rescued yourself -- is always within us


The Summit (i.e. Mount Everest) -- our rescue -- awaits us -- Now!!

 In other words, you can, with your source of strength, rescue thyself from all hurt harm and danger -- today.

 Marcia Steele

Marcia Steele, born in Jamaica, and now living in Duluth, Georgia, also, shares a message as a cancer survivor on Flying Deep -- on how to rescue yourself.  Recently I listened as Marcia shared how it is important to take ourselves, and others deeper and higher by learning to hear what is not voiced and to see what is not visible.  Huh?

I believe that Marcia Steele's message on flying deep is strictly tips on how to rescue yourself.  So from Marcia, I believe we need to hear these things about flying deep to rescue ourselves.  Remember:


 To fly high, we must first leave our comfort zone


Courage is fear mastery


Resilience must stay within us and we need to keep rebounding


To try always to hear what is not voiced and to see what is not said, and


To create your own wind (steam, power, energy, desire) -- so that you can learn to fly.

In other words we can fly deep, succeed and rescue ourselves by putting these actions into words.

A Couple of Nurses On Rescuing Thyself

I am a nurse so I know lots of nurses.   Many in the audiences I speak to throughout the United States have shared rescue messages by their lives shared or words spoken.   They are too many to list here but I will, share a couple that continually personify Nurse, Rescue Thyself.

One is Maria Cristina, who no matter how many times she is knocked down by illness or any other challenge, is right back up the next day doing "all" she can.  And for Maria Cristina "all" is more than 2 - 3 people can when well and up on their healthiest feet.

Another is Clarice, a powerhouse of knowledge -- well-packaged knowledge and expertise.  Clarice is never smart enough.  How do I know?  I see her daily pushing the edge for the "additional", "the most", "the best" ... in learning, knowledge and understanding.  Knowledge is power -- and Clarice relentlessly pursues it -- unleashing the ignition power for her to "rescue thyself" and so many others in the most positive of ways in her nursing practice.

Gloria "Jo" Floyd

What else can I say to you about rescuing thyself?  Above I have shared a lot of inspiration that came to me on saving ourselves from a myriad of things.  I would like to sum up with these final thoughts:

We all have something that is tragic, hurtful, anger producing, nightmarish, horrific, etc that we need from time     to time to rescue ourselves from.  My daughter, Angela, a speaker/consultant, in her own right has a word for you and me on this: DWI: DEAL WITH IT!


To really correctly deal with your dilemmas, first name them one by one.  Next prioritize them, and then set a goal to fix each and every one 


Connect with your source of inner strength, Your God, to center yourself so that you can reach success. 

Let me suggest a primer if you haven't gotten real spiritual yet and don't know where to head on this.  Try reading a quick read called Thought Conditioners by the late Norman Vincent Peale available by calling 1-800-473-6188 and/or go to the Spiritual Reflections Section of

Know that you do not have to accept your current circumstance.  You can change it.   I am willing to help you if      you get stuck -- just email me.

And remember that you, also, have help all around you.  Just use them appropriately after you, first, have done your work.  Focus yourself, your energy, and your direction.  In other words -- Rescue Thyself! -- Now! -- Today!  Don't wait until tomorrow.  Start Now!  And let me know if I can help!  Blessings until we talk again.

Dr. Gloria "Jo" Floyd, Ph.D., RN, The Entrepreneur's Speaker, Consultant and Business Owners Coach is a nationally recognized speaker, consultant, author and success & survival strategist working throughout the united states who resides in San Antonio.  You may contact her by email at or on her web site
  2001, Dr. Gloria "Jo" Floyd, Entrepreneur's Speaker, Consultant and Business Owners Coach, NCEHS, 14439 N.W. Military Hwy #108 PMB 615 San Antonio, TX 78231,O=210-698-8700, F=210-698-8701

This is a sampling of what you can find in Nurse and Grow Rich In Life and Work [TM].  Visit to learn more. 


Spiritual Reflections - Yes Even For the Entrepreneur!

Did you know that if you are a spiritual being you have so much more going for you than others?  You have the freedom to experience your inner spirit everyday.  You can with your God or Almighty get to know more and more about you.

If you want to read some of the best stories from known and unknown authors around the world that booster your spirit you can do it today!

Let me encourage you to live your spirit and share these great thoughts by visiting, below is a sample of the types of encouragement you will find on this site:

Someone Cares

By Dorothy Martin

When the day has come and gone and you're sitting there all alone.

Feeling angry, depressed and rejected, wondering if your life can ever be corrected.

Needing someone to call your very own, someone whose love and devotion is clearly shown.

Someone to sit and talk to, who will understand your dreams, your wishes, and the things you, would like to plan.

Someone to laugh and have fun with, Someone to help you enjoy life just a little bit.

Life does have its way of dealing low blows, Leaving you confused, unhappy and wandering which way to go.

When all your efforts to find or recapture happiness have been at their best.  Then only God can do the rest

And when you finish reading them send them on to someone you care about or that you know can stand a little spirit boosting today.  We don't do enough of that.

Staying Strong In A Mean Spirited Environment

Have you found yourself immersed in a mean spirit environment at one time or another?  If so let me recommend to you five quick things you can remember everyday so that you don't feel trapped.  Remember you:


Have choices


Have resources (peers, a paycheck,, vacation days, The Peoples Coach [TM]


Can only be downtrodden if you let it take effect


Can select a new environment that is kinder, gentler, and more conducive to you


Can craft a I'm going to be happy regardless daily plan.

We do not have to be victims!!

Is Your Entrepreneurial Spirit Calling - Loudly?

If your entrepreneurial spirit is calling -- embrace the call.  Entrepreneurship is not for everyone but it might be for you.  There are a lot of statewide resources you can call upon or visit to learn more.  See the web site for the Small Business Administration.  It is a great resource for lots of basic courses, loans, mentors, pamphlets, etc to help you whether new to business or an old hat.


Join your local Chamber of Commerce.   Get active and get involved.


Don't procrastinate and put off starting your business.


Join an affiliate program if you don't have ideas of your own.  Just look for affiliate programs on the Internet.


And if all else fails or you want to learn a lot in one quick weekend.  Join me in beautiful San Antonio on October 6 - 7, 2001 when I speak on


How to be A Successful Speaker, Consultant, or Business Owner in Your Own Field. Email us for all the details.  And if you need such a course in your area, let us know.  This will be a great weekend to get "Entrepreneurial"!

To Avoid Allegations of Sexual Harassment

To avoid allegations of sexual harassment see and get a complimentary quick tips sheet on this topic by visiting 

People Need

People need a few things from each of us.  They need to be "peopled" well.  To people those around you please think about these few things you can do daily to help others.


"Love" as much as you can


Treat people like they want to be treated


Offer to help


Be "gentle"


Don't use hurtful words


Practice patience


Carry out your work craft the way you were taught


Put your God in your caring ... and sharing


Be of "nice" cheer


Encourage more


Perfect "No Rudeness Ever!"

Wouldn't your life be better if everyone around you practiced each of these "people caring" traits everyday?


Join us for any of these upcoming teleseminars.  These only require you have access to a telephone.  You can hear the speaker and the speaker can hear you.  You can stay at home and learn all you need to know.  Only 29 slots are available for each class. 

Topic I:

Speaking/Presenting/Teaching Like A Pro

Faculty: Dr. Gloria "Jo" Floyd, Ph.D., RN


This great speaker recently presented Speaking/Presenting/Teaching Like A Pro to members of the National Speakers Association in Texas with resounding success.  This speaker took these attendees and has taken numerous others on a quick journey to finding speaker/teacher/presenter success.  She will help you bring out your creative genius, own brand of stories, humor, and know how to capture more of your audience's respect.  This is a fun filled, new idea packed tribute to how to speak/present or teach at your best.

Date:        August 29, 2001                   Time:      11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. CST

Cost:        $23.00

Topic II:

The A - Z of Entrepreneurship: 50 Points for Business Success

Faculty:     Dr. Gloria Jo Floyd (Ph.D., R.N.)

Description: This rapid-fire rendition of how to do business in today's world will be fast paced, up to the minute, and chocked full of 50 ideas for your entrepreneurial success.  The speaker, who has owned several businesses successfully will give you tips on marketing and promotion, mission and goals identification and stabilization, how to position your company strategically, human resource mandates, partnering and

affiliate programs, the World Wide Web and what it can do for you, the nitty gritty stuff and the big stuff, too.  So sign up for your space.  Grab hold of your hat and come along for this energy packed and dynamic march to business success.  Dr. Floyd guarantees if you put all her tips to work you will be a huge success.

Date:     8/28/01     Time:       4:00 - 5:00 p.m. CST               Cost:    $29.00

Topic III:   

Marketing and Promoting Your Business, Services, Speeches, Consultancy or Products

Faculty: Dr. Gloria "Jo" Floyd (Ph.D., R.N.)

Description: Want to know how to market your business, service, programs, consultancy, writing, products or anything else?   This speaker shoots from the hip as she has done this for 23 years!  Dr. Floyd will show you how to get your "stuff" into the hands of the people who can "buy".  Sharing her own success secrets you will learn how to tap into little used or unknown resources, how to use attention getting words and colors, how to make the internet work for you, where to find easy to implement resources to propel your business to the next level, how to develop a phenomenal marketing plan and what to operationalize and what not to implement if you want to be a huge success.  Come along with this prolific business owner and learn more than you ever imagined about how to market and promote ... "anything!"

Date:        August 28, 2001    Time:      6:00 pm - 7:00 pm CST          Cost:    $27.00

Topic IV:   

Avoiding Death, Violence and Unexpected Tragedy in the Work Place ... Tips for Functioning in A Rage Filled Environment

Faculty:  Dr. Gloria "Jo" Floyd (Ph.D., R.N.)

Description: Did you know that impaired rage filled people are everywhere.  All across the nation in all kinds of work settings (schools, clinics, businesses, law practices, factories, etc.) violence has become an unwelcome commodity.  Is your institution prepared to handle death, violence and unexpected tragedy?  If not you and your staff, peers and colleagues should sign up to hear this phenomenal speaker who has presented on this topic in innumerable states (Texas, Kentucky, Arkansas, Oregon, North Dakota, etc.).  Dr. Floyd will help you know what you can do to assess your own work environment for 50 plus possible ticking time bomb personality types ... any of which could be in your midst ... on any given date.  She will, also, share simple steps organization wide that every individual can take to assure a more safe work environment -- she conceptualized as "Safeability [TM]".  Dr. Floyd will let you know, so that you can let others know, how to assess your work environment and implement simple strategies to keep everyone safe.  "Safeability [TM]" is for you and your institution.   

Date:        August 28, 2001                    Time:      1:00 pm CST          Cost:    $23.00

Topic VI:

A Sixteen Point Strategy for Practicing Strategic Leadership

Faculty:                  Dr. Gloria "Jo" Floyd, Ph.D., RN


This dynamic telecourse will aid you in being a strategizing leader.  You will be show how to leverage your leader potential by harnessing 16 strategic tactics that are sure to make you an ongoing leader of substance.  You won't have heard many of these points before.  They offer you strength and techniques to bring out the best in you and those you lead.

Date:        August 28, 2001                    Time: 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm CST                Cost: $19.00

Topic VII:

Power Ideas For Leaders

Faculty:  Dr. Gloria "Jo" Floyd, Ph.D., RN

Description: Power Ideas for Leaders is focused on commanding power by knowing what it is every leader should know how to do.   For example, where is your direction coming from?  Is it centered? Purposeful? Life Altering? Visionary? Worker Respected? Targeted? Positive? Etc.   This speaker will encourage you on an odyssey of Power Focusing that will energize and propel your leadership to maximal success.   If you want to be awe inspiring, shooting for the best deep down within you, you don't want to miss Power Ideas for Leaders.  This is an awesome course.  So picture yourself just a few days from now as equipped and power filled and energized.

Date: August 29, 2001                          Time: 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm CST                Cost: $20.00

Topic VIII:

A 21 Tip Strategic Plan for Maximizing Care, Service and Reimbursement In Your Institution

Faculty: Dr. Gloria "Jo" Floyd, Ph.D., RN

Description: This fast paced course will give you 21 tips for maximizing care, service and reimbursement in your institution today.  You will learn how to keep care and service a priority while meeting the financial demands inherent upon most health care institutions today.  You won't feel any longer traumatized or a victim as you will be schooled on how to meet the competing dynamics of the need for quality in care and service while assuring institutional profitability.  Agency wide staff will benefit from this course

Topic IX:

Internet Marketing and Promotion for Administrators/Business Owners/and Association or Organizational Executives

Faculty: Dr. Gloria "Jo" Floyd, Ph.D., RN

Description: Get ready to know more than you ever thought you would on the topic of internet marketing and promotion.  You will learn what's hot and what's not related to websites, email, newsletters, auto-responders, marketing online to newsgroups or individuals, publicity/press releases, how to check out your competition, who is buying, partnering, and so much more.  If you are ready to burn up the wires online this course is for you.

Date:        August 27, 2001                    Time: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm CST                Cost: $37.00

Topic X:

How To's For Employing Visionary, Courageous, Authentic, Resilient, and Charismatic Leadership

Faculty: Dr. Gloria "Jo" Floyd, Ph.D., RN

Description: Are you feeling that your leadership has become old, stale, and just not working?  Well step back for a quick learning on five key ways you can renew and energize your leadership.  This speaker will help you to learn ways to be authentic, resilient, visionary, courageous and charismatic.  That's right you will be given quick tips, techniques and approaches for overnight success in a newfound leader orientation.

Date:        August 28, 2001    Time: 10:30 am - 11:30 am CST            Cost: $17.00

 Topic XI:

How To Lead A Dispirited, Apathetic, Disloyal, Burned Out and Overwhelmed Team

Faculty: Dr. Gloria "Jo" Floyd, Ph.D., RN

Description: This program will demonstrate ways that you can more effectively lead a variety of down trodden, angry, apathetic, and hurt workers -- common to today's health care environment.  The speaker will assist you and your worker in experiencing a rebirth of spirit with a few select and key strategies that every team can and must adopt.  So if you or your team fits the above description, sign up for this teleclass so that you can find innumerable ways to walk a different talk as you become energized, encouraged and supported to go on.   This is a keeper.  Sign up today.  Enrollment will be limited.

Date: August 27, 2001          Time: 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm CST    Cost: $27.00

Upcoming Workshops

A Retreat and Conference for Administrators, Business Owners and Executives on The World Wide Web and You and Internet Marketing and Promotion

Coming to San Antonio, Texas on September 28 - 29, 2001 from 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Visit from 8/21/01 for more information or call 210-698-8700 now.

An Afternoon Conference and Retreat on Executive Leadership

Coming to San Antonio, Texas on September 26, 2001 from 11:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. visit from 8/21/01 for more information or call 210-698-8700 now.

Entrepreneurs Stuff  - Does Being Your Own Boss Appeal To You

Guys I believe entrepreneurship even passively done is better than working for someone else any day.  I think everyone should try it at least one time.  A hot new place just waiting for your expertise and your business success is the World Wide Web.  Trust me it is a lazy person's way to get ahead.  It is easy.  It is fun.  And all it takes is vision and desire.  Let me suggest that you check out some easy places where you could learn more about how to do e-commerce with the best.  Let me refer you to a great site that can help you with several things:


For Internet Marketing Wisdom consider:


For Ways to Get the Word Out with Greater Ease consider:


For Ways to Track Your Sales, Affiliates and Associates Consider:


For E-Commerce Solutions (getting merchant accounts and the ability to accept credit cards online)

Also, let me encourage you to check out a business opportunity for you in entrepreneurship.  Visit

Sound Off

Is there something in your professional/work life that is driving your crazy?   Getting your dander up?   A travesty?  A phenomenal thought?  Etc.   Now, you want to sound off about it?  If so, email me at  I would like to hear what you have to say.

A Coach Just For You

If you are sitting at home thinking "I sure would like to have Dr. Floyd around to lead me through my current situation." Just remember that Dr. Floyd is available to individuals, 24/7/365 for one or more hours of coaching/consultation.  This is a service provided by NCEHS and is priced so that any person can access this resource.  You do not have to tackle big problems alone.  Just call 210-698-8700 to set up one or more hours to dialogue with Dr. Floyd any day of the week.  You will be surprised at the affordability of this service.  It is partially underwritten by NCEHS as a service to our readers not organizations.  Just call now 210-698-8700 and you could speak to Dr. Floyd today!!

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* Avoiding Legal Liability

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