Holiday Focusing for Phenomenal Speakers!
By Dr. Gloria "Jo" Floyd

Greeting my fellow speakers!  Hope you had a great Thanksgiving Holiday.  Did you use your Thanksgiving time to readily give thanks?  If not you still have time.   Holiday Focusing is a must for phenomenal speakers who are going to be successful in the year 2012.  My holiday tips include:

Stop, Think, Give Thanks and Reflect:
Today and throughout this time stop think, give thanks and reflect on the blessings you received this year.  Jot down your 10 most wonderful happenings for this year; now don't sit there saying "nothing great happened for me in 2009", please!! You are here, I care about you, NSA is behind you, you woke up this morning, I know you gave at least one speech with or without fee, you are not sleeping outside, you ate this week, and somebody cares enough for you to assist, encourage, love and go give you constructive feedback.  So do my friend list your other 10 things to be thankful for and if you can't find 10 call me and we will make sure you have 10 for this and next year!

Plan for Your Thanks for 2012
Believe it or not guys the holidays often are a great time for us to move to the next success level as speakers.  If you need planning help let me suggest that you pick a day or a few days and jot down 100 marketing ideas for implementation for the year 2012.   For example:

  • Search the internet for a web directory of all the associations, businesses, volunteer organizations, clubs, etc. applicable to your cliché and market by email to any that you find.
  • Implement a information packed newsletter that you consistently send that will continually keep your world aware of you.
  • Begin a subscription news and information newsletter for your cient base.
  • Write to all your friends, acquaintances, contact, etc and let them know about what you speak on and ask them for a lead, ideas or possible contacts.
  • Offer a marketing referral fee to all your appropriate contacts who initiate a speaking opportunity and purchasing of your books, etc.
  • Set up an affiliate program on your web site.
  • Be sure you have a web site.
  • Send a special thank you to all who gave you a speaking platform with or without fee in the past year, and let them know you are available again and ask for one or more contacts who might benefit from your program type.
  • Consider writing articles weekly to keep your name out there and to bring in some additional income.
  • Think about all your speaker competitors or search the web to find them and ask or share a way or ways you can mutually help each other.
  • Implement a link exchange with relevant web sites comparable with your offerings, products or services.
  • Establish a national business advisory group made up of people who are willing to reply to your surveys, give you regional info or leads, and have their name and city listed on your letterhead to give you the appearance of national prominence.
  • Send copies of anything you read or wrote that you feel benefits any of your contacts at least monthly.
  • Notify other meeting planners of approved in advance opportunities to hear you speak in their region
  • Commit to developing a product per month for the next year that is easy to do such as an e-guide, book, e-report, book mark, post card, posters, 100 tips booklet, an audio tape, etc.
  • Go to my site  for ideas.
  • Consider a public seminar if you have a large and supportive database.
  • AND...


Give Thanks for Everything, especially God, your  family, the opportunity for a new year, and all your felt blessings for 2000 and beyond.

Happy Speaking to you! 

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