Love It Or Leave It ... That's A Motto For Work Too!

by Dr. Gloria Jo Floyd, The Nurses Coach

Greetings again! Another Labor Day Holiday is upon us. Have you ever stopped and really thought about how you labor? Do you try and give yourself the very best in labor economy each and every day of work. Labor Day is a social day set aside for special recognition of working people ...though there are many of us (nurses, fire persons, police officers, wait staff, doctors, telephone operators) who even on Labor Day have to keep laboring.

My thought is that every day, we should be attuned to our labor, whether at home or work. We should strive to make our work efficient, satisfying and rewarding to ourselves and those we serve daily. How can we do that you ask? Think about it ... all we have to do is just go for every day being a great day .. of labor. I believe we can do a variety of things to do this.

I. Love What You Do
First of all Love What You Do! If you don't love it, stop doing it. We will not have fun on any work day if we aren't doing what we love most. Stop now and write down what tasks or chores you love to do so much that you would do them for free. Or you have a hard time seeing why people get paid to do the things you love most. Next ask yourself are you in a job that allows you to do those tasks?

For example, I love to speak, consult, write, mentor, encourage, and coach. Joy comes when I am handed a microphone to speak or a pen to write. I feel honored to speak, coach and consult. I am humbled when I am asked to speak. This is so in spite of me speaking to thousands of people nationwide since 1971. I still read the articles I write and can't believe such came from a simple pen held in my hand.

In other words joy, excitement, pleasure and satisfaction will exude from you when you love your work and do it well. My father used to tell us that he didn't care what we did as long as we did it well. I am convinced that to do well we have to love it and be open to God's blessings in it.

2. Except Nothing Less Than A Great Day When You Work
If you work count it all joy or work plus joy. Don't stay in a job you don't love. Start every day with a plan for work satisfaction. Jot down before you start all the things you must accomplish (clients to see, notes to write, communications, etc). Prioritize to decide what's important. Put only things on your list that you will have time to really get to. Number the entries number one (must do) and number three (great if I can get to it) ... and then do all number ones before you go to second and third ranked items.

3. Stay In Control
I know you are saying you can't stay in control even if you are the boss as there are so many things that pull us away from where we want to go daily in our work such as telephone calls, equipment breakdowns, people, etc. Just stay focused on not getting overwhelmed and stay in charge of you... then you will stay in control of what you can. You can control lots of things including how fast you walk when, when to return a call, who to be helpful to, what to block, when to answer your phone ... you get the picture. Believe you are in control and you will be able to stay in control.

4. Don't Let Other People's Monkeys Play You Out or Chain You Up
Do you have days when you feel you have a monkey around your neck? Can you think of the name of him or her now? (Smile that's a joke!) No -- really think about the people who you have to deal with daily who are bring you their monkey's to keep. (No -- I am not talking about your friends kids)... Get serious here. Don't let other people's priorities become yours. Remember to convey abundantly every day the well worn phrase -- "Poor planning or follow through on your part, can't right now constitute an emergency on mine". Share as you have a right to do "I am busy until three-- would you come back then?" or "I will get back with you when all of my priorities are complete or I could do that at 2:00 p.m." Versus stopping what you are doing now and feeling put upon.

5. Practice Life, Self and Time Management
Employ these quick tips everyday that you work to refocus your timing. Think about how each might be used to recapture maximally, your day -- everyday. Rate yourself with today number 7 being "great at this" and number 1 "being poor in this area". Try to bring yourself up in each over the next week.

*I Do It Now
*I Don't Procrastination
*I Expect A Daily Emergency
*I Delegate
*I Accept Offers of Help
*I Start With A Daily To Do List
*I Stay In Charge Of Me
*I Expect All Others Around Me To Perform
I Ask For Volunteers
*I Have Affirmative Thoughts, such as I Can, I Will, I Must, I Am The Best, I Can Do This,
*Today Will Be A Snap, Today Is Great, I Expect Nothing But The Best, I Stay In Control  
  Of My Workday
*I Believe That My Work Is Great

You get the picture, how well did you rank?

6. Step Up and Speak Out
Today take an assertive stance and share positively and constructively with your team, supervisor, or staff things that could be done to make your work better. Maybe you need less interruptions, your work assignment laid out for the whole day at the beginning of your shift, or more supplies and equipment. Don't suffer in silence ask for what you need to improve in your job function.

Believe it or not most people still don't read minds. They won't know your needs or limits if you don't share them appropriately. For example, never get to the end of your rope before you speak.  When we do, we usually do or say things that make matters worse ... so speak up ... assertively versus aggressively, passive aggressively or passively.

7. Be Patient
Remember that Rome wasn't built in a day. And if you work with people you will often be
saddened, frustrated and depressed, especially if you expect too much too soon.

We often get perturbed because we say we've told them, over and over, we try and try, and they just don't listen. If you are singing that song like I have in the past you might need to take a look at your message.

Who did you give it to? When? How? And what were they doing at the time? Remember any message you send that is designed to get your point across must be done 1. at the right time, 2. in the right place, 3. in the right way, and 4. with the right person. Complaining to your peers when they can't fix a problem, for example, won't help. Not speaking up in a meeting when given the opportunity doesn't result in your desired outcome ... So if you want to have a work change request or share it correctly ... be patient.

8. In Summary -- Get A Grasp On Your Big Work Picture
Finally, let me suggest a review of all of the above. Determine, Do you love your work? If not, work toward a change of work place or scenery. Be positive and always striving to make the best out of every day regardless. There is a lesson to be learned even when we are called upon to be patient, grit our teeth, or hold our piece. Be always of the mind that as you work you will always be in control. Take care to only drag around or get chained to your own monkeys. Review and improve on your life, self and time management. If necessary get some problem solving buddies to help. Be open, hones, and aware at all times of what you need or want to be at your laboring best.   Assert yourself daily -- positively and assertively. And be patient with others if you want them to
patiently deal with you.

Remember that teams don just happen. They are created. The more we all work toward helping others the more we receive. So in your team remember "To Put Others Firs And You Will Always Be Ahead" which is one of my best tips. You find conflict abounds, search your ego it could be the culprit. But most of all plan to enjoy your labors.

*Plan To Enjoy It
*Program Your Mind For It
*Grasp Every Opportunity To Do It and remember
*If You Can't Love It .... Don't Do It!

Until the next time -- Keep on working and Blessings!!

Dr. Gloria "Jo" Floyd, Ph.D., RN, The Nurses Coach is a nationally recognized speaker, consultant, author and survival strategist working throughout the united states who resides in San Antonio. You may contact her by  email at or visit her online at

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