Love To Live

Today, dear Lord, I'm 80 and there's much I haven't done. 
I hope, dear Lord, you let me live until I'm 81.
But then, if I haven't finished all I want do do,
Would you please let me stay awhile, until I'm 82?
So many places I want to go, so very much to see,
Do you think that You could manage to make it 83?
The world is changing very fast, there is so much in store,
I'd like it very much to live until I'm 84.
And if by then I were still alive, I'd like to stay 'til 85!
More plans will be up in the air, so I'd really like to stick
And see what happens to the world when I turn 86.
I know, dear Lord, it's much to ask, (and it must be nice in heaven)
But I'd really like to stay, until I'm 87.
I know by then I won't be fast, and sometimes will be late,
But it would be pleasant to be around in 88.
I will have seen so many things, and had a wonderful time,
So I'm sure that I'll be willing to leave at the age of 89...maybe.
Just one more thing I'd like to say, dear Lord, I thank you kindly
But if it's okay with You, I'd love to live past 90.

Author Unknown - Shared by Dr. Gloria Jo Floyd

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