Nurses ... Perfect Your Best In This New and Uncharted Year
Dr. Gloria "Jo" Floyd (Ph.D., RN)
The Nurses Coach

Well greetings my fellow nurse friends! We have a new, blessed and uncharted year waiting patiently for us to map out. Are you ready?  Have you already broken your New Year's resolutions? Or did you just say " I am not even going to bother"? Let me help you spin a new and possibly better option for your thinking, direction, behavior and
causes for this wonderful and absolutely option open, New Year. I would like to give you some new perspectives for consideration.

Please take each of these suggestions and answer to each the following questions:

What does this option, concept or principle mean to me?  How can I and my team operationalize it for each of our own personal and professional growth and success?
If I used this principle in my daily walk what improvement could I achieve in my and the life of my family, peers and colleagues?

So let me share with you the following 38 recommendations for snowballing your nursing and life force for your own good, the good of your patients, clients and/or customers and your volunteer and work institutions. Try each and everyday for the rest of the entire
year to:

  • Greet every life day with joy

  • Throw away all your biases, prejudices, and stereotypes

  • Do something powerful for the poor, weak, homeless, neglected, abused and downtrodden on a consistent basis

  • Remember your beginnings and give appropriate thanks

  • Ask forgiveness of those for whom you have wronged

  • Foster improved relationships amongst your family and friends

  • Cross your heart and promise to give more than you take

  • Walk proudly by the trail you leave

  • Preach to the misguided a better path

  • Pastor a pastor free friend, peer, colleague or family member

  • Wreak havoc nowhere

  • Forgive your abusers daily

  • Nurture you spirit

  • Query your mind, heart, vision and values daily for direction

  • Master multi-focal priorities with detailed attention

  • Help the broken in heart

  • Legislate your own agenda

  • Walk to your own tune

  • Support the right causes and agendas

  • Perfect simple but exquisite living Intimidate no one

  • Fly your own plane loaded with the right passengers

  • Cross bridges while they are still passable

  • Capture the God sent spirit within you

  • Harness your dreams

  • Propel your followers and supporters to success

  • Cultivate the best of the best in you

  • Delight your family, friends and associates repeatedly

  • Demolish no person's spirit

  • Grab hold of the wisdom of the learned

  • Dare to be real

  • Sweep nothing bad under the rug or into your life

  • Goal set daily you God sent agenda

  • Write in your life journal daily -- Keep it always near by

  • Live a thoughtful and caring life that honors you and those you
    care about

  • Leave a powerful legacy day to day

  • Recognize the valued people in your world and

  • Chart a renewed and perfect course

Now you have a operational plan. Challenge yourself to have these as your goals for maximizing your potential this year. Post them where you can see them daily; on your mirror, on your desk, on your refrigerator, in your day timer, etc.

Let them be your light for good cheer, negotiations, communications, good deeds, creativity, energy capture, vision, resilience, courage, problem solving, and your unprecedented nursing functioning 24/7/365.

I am going to do this. Let's do it together. Let's later share our outcomes. I will if you will. Call me, write me, let me know how you fare. And blessings for Your Happy Life and Nursing Year! Let It Be Your Best!! And Keep On ... Nursing!!! I will ...

Dr. Gloria "Jo" Floyd, Ph.D., RN, The Nurses Coach is a nationally recognized speaker, consultant, author and survival strategist working throughout the united states who resides in San Antonio. You may contact her by  email at


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