Let's Practice Legally, Knowledgeably and Smartly Everyday 24/7/365

Dr. Gloria "Jo" Floyd (Ph.D., RN)
The Nurses Coach

How often do you hear how important it is to practice "smart".  Well as we go along in this millennium it really is important for you to practice with "wisdom".  Don't be caught with your "smarts" and "wisdom" down.  You may be asked to do anything but your thought should be "Should I"?  Many times your answer should be "no".  Don't count on anyone to keep your license safe.  Only you can do that.

Therefore, I am going to recommend that you do all of the following with intelligence, thought, analysis, and the best understanding.  Remember these are just my best thoughts for keeping my license safe.  Before you adopt any of them be sure you ask yourself these questions:

  • Are these legal thoughts from this non attorney, legal nurse expert on target?
  • Should I stay alert to them to protect my license? and
  • What do I need to do related to each to assure my correct, professional and legal practice of nursing care?

Once you have done all of the above, may I suggest that you practice legally, knowledgeably and smartly.  Thus to avoid medical, legal and risk liability you should:

  1. Know and follow your practice act
  2. Be attuned to all changes in rules and regulations
  3. Keep an eye out for memos of understanding, interpretations and related between departments in your state.
  4. If dumb? Get wisdom first…
  5. Implement fully the plan of care wrap when care giving
  6. Stop and remember ignorance is not bliss and what you don't know can be held against you
  7. Check it out if in doubt
  8. Practice with good professional character
  9. Understand consents - to what, by whom, when, where and how
  10. Follow federal laws, rules, etc. such as:
            a. ADA
            b. EEOC
            c. Medicare
            d. Medicaid
            e. IDEA
  11. Throw rocks never… especially when your house is built on a glass foundation
  12. Stop talking and listen
  13. Consider that it is not what you say. It is what you do.
  14. You know contract with patients/clients/families and customers- what is it, and   
      who made it, and what is in it.
  15.   Use only qualified, competent staff
  16. .  Document, document and document some more
  17. .  Avoid stupid stuff in general including teaching, speaking, counseling, coaching,
  18. .  Watch those policies and procedures - they could hang you
  19. .  Look - delegation can't be to just anybody
  20. .  Trust me - EEOC is not a nursery rhyme
  21. .  Go over Supervision 101
  22. .  Assure work place safety - There are nuts out there - in and out of the office
  23. .  Avoid work place hazards
  24. .  Comply with accreditation/licensure standards 24/7/365
  26. .  Supervise supervisor please!
  27. .  Assess and Reassess everything - then perform accordingly!!
  28. .   Never let the patient/client/family/staff/visitor suffer - injury, insults, loss, etc.
  29. . Faster patient/client/staff/visitor/worker satisfaction versus dissatisfaction
  30. . Prepare your unlicensed assistive workers
  31. . Secure instruction, orientation and training for every one that needs it including
  32. . Maintain your highest level of credentials and be sure it is able to be verified.
  33. . Cover yourself first!
  34. . Look and act professional everyday
  35. . AVOID illegal, immoral, and unethical behavior
  36. . Monitor/maintain your reputation
  37. . Maintain a code of ethics
  38. .Use good standards of practice
  39. .Recognize that your actions speak louder than your words
  40. .Don't be caught with your guard down
  41. .Aid and abet no one in wrong doing
  42. .Assure good outcomes for patients/clients/visitors/customers/etc. when you have     control
  43. .Require all to perform professionally all the time
  44. .Act emotionally mature
  45. .Speak in a culturally sensitive way
  46. .Be supportive and therapeutic
  47. .Stay alert
  48. .Listen actively everywhere
  49. .Respond promptly to everyone
  50. .Use good professional judgment
  51. .Know the rationale for and perform all care well
  52. . Keep your patients/clients/visitors/ customers/staff/etc. informed
  53. . Prevent agency induced infection for all
  54. . Assure confidentiality is maintained
  55. . Verify license, registration and/or certification of your workers
  56. . Administer meds and treatments with finesse
  57. . Conform to all applicable laws
  58. . Avoid patient injury and abuse
  59. . Use care, caution and the right people when making assignments
  60. . Accept only those assignments you are qualified for

That's it.  what can you add.  And remember this is my list.  Don't adopt any of it unless you see the relevance for each item for yourself.  Study to make yourself wise.  And please nurse, practice legally with knowledge, wisdom and smarts everyday 24/7/365.  Take no wooden nickels!  And keep practicing legally! Smartly! Intelligently! And With Maximal Wisdom!

Dr. Gloria "Jo" Floyd, Ph.D., RN, The Nurses Coach is a nationally recognized speaker, consultant, author, coach and success and survival strategist working throughout the united states who resides in San Antonio.
You may contact her by email at DrGloriaJoFloyd@ncehs.com

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