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Prayer Requests are accepted here from individuals on their own behalf and/or with permission for others.  Research has shown that ecumenical prayer coming from a variety of persons, from various religious and/or philosophical persuasions, and from disparate regions of the world, can make a difference in the lives of those individual's   who are prayed for.  Therefore, if you would like to be added to this prayer requests section, please fill out and submit the form below.

Select from the area of prayer desired:

General Ecumenical Prayer Health Finances
Faith Strength Children
Parents Family In General Mother
Father Sister Brother
Our Nation's Leaders My Spiritual Leader Church Leadership
Children In General Finances Spiritual Growth
Families Around The World Happiness Understanding
My Entire Family Grandchildren Mother-In-Law
Father-In-Law Grandparents Spouses

Please pray for:

Name or Initials:

City: State:

Prayer Request:

I give permission for you to list this prayer request on this web site, in your newsletter/journals and/or other places.  I also attest that I am who I say I am and/or that I have permission to make this public prayer request.  I will let you know in writing if or when I wish to have this request removed.  I understand that no promises of any kind have been made as to the outcome specific to this ecumenical prayer request.


The following individuals are asking you to pray for them:

  • Dr. Gloria "Jo" Floyd - San Antonio, Texas - Please pray for my entire family, our nation, and the world's spiritual well-being, education, governmental healthcare, business leaders, people everywhere, hurting individuals around the world, my health, my continued spiritual growth, my friends, my ongoing happiness, finances, life, family, spiritual, speaking, writing, consulting, encouraging and assisting success, my company, our business employees, consultants, volunteers, community of helpers, my mother, my spouse (Elliott), my children (Jalil, Reggie, Recie, Angela, Elliott Jr., Wanona and Jade), my grandchildren (Wade, Landon and Reginald), my enemies, my supporters and our kindred connections around the world.

  • Phyllis Baxen - Please pray a general prayer and a God-filled and loved life for my divorced sister (W.B.) and her 12 year old twin boys.

  • Ora Lee Wade - Texas - Please pray a general prayer for her.

  • Jodie Johnson - Please pray for my sister, Doris Thompson, who is an RN and has contracted Hepatitis C and is in the very active stages.  She contracted this deadly disease by giving of herself to care for others.  She has an 18 year old daughter and a new grand-daughter for whom she needs to be here to guide and direct and love and nurture.  She is scheduled to return to Duke University to take part in a "cutting-edge" treatment on February 1, 2000.   She lives in Roebuck, SC.  Hopefully with this prayer and my continued prayers, this new treatment will be beneficial to her, she is only 43.

  • Patty Johnson asks for prayer for our church community, specifically that our spirits will be renewed and our actions will be "What Jesus would do?".

  • Marjorie Koch asks for healing during a stressful family time.

  • Karen W. asks for prayer for her father, her children and her spouse.   She also requests prayer for spiritual growth, strength, and understanding.

  • The Family of Dr. Frank Bryant (Deceased), San Antonio, TX

  • The Students, Faculty, Staff and Families of Castle Hills First Baptist School,   San Antonio, TX  for comprehensive prayer

  • Antonio and Sherralisa Phelon of Amani Ministries for comprehensive prayer for this ministering family and the music ministry of Amani, Allenton, IL

  • The entire Wade family for peace, health, and continued spiritual focus, Luling, TX

  • The Anderson family (Gale, Chris, Joseph, Kendra, Nikki, Victoria, Georgia Ray, Monique, Naomi, Amanda, Felicia, Drey, Tylan, Tabitha, for health and happiness and God's full blessings - San Antonio, TX

  • Felicia Cubitt for happiness and improved relationships

  • J.E. of Ephrata, WA prays for good health

  • A.W. of Denver, Colorado asks... Please pray for my entire family.   For my grandmother who has lung cancer, for the events surrounding my immediate family, for everyone to have peace, health, happiness, and continue to pull strength and guidiance from God.

  • V.W. of Rosburg, WA requests prayer for her eyesight

  • Cheryl of Georgetown, Ontario prays that she will be blessed with becoming pregnant or adopting a child

  • Sue Kelley for improved health and complete physical release for her new CD's blessing to the world, and for God's comprehensive grace - San Antonio, TX

  • Bill Jacobs for overall health, success and happiness in his ministry

  • Elliott Floyd, Sr. for peace of mind, freedom from worry, physical, spiritual, and mental health

  • For all of God's blessings to William Taylor United Methodist Church and congregation of Luling, TX

  • CMS of Greenville, SC, requests prays for her unborn baby...
    "I am in my first trimester of a second IVF procedure and have an intrautering blood clot. Please pray for the continued success of the pregnancy and the health of the baby."

    "URGENT!!! The pain and agony deep in our hearts cries out to god day and night for his PEACE.......PLEASE PRAY FOR US IN THE DAYS
    AREA CA. USA."

  • Doris of Peterborough, Ontario asks...
    Please pray for my mother-in-law who has just been diagnosed with multiple myeloma and given a couple of year to be with us on this earth. Please pray for  comfort in her last days."


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