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Has nursing wiped you out?  Are you more than burned out?  Have your thought about leaving our great profession?  Are you more and more working in a daze?  Are you foggy at home and at work?  Would you like to do someone in?...or at least tell him or her off?  Do you feel walked and trodded on?  Have you had enough?  Do you fee you are not paid what you are worth?  Are you sick of managed care?  Or more correctly, managed cost?  Do you need to just get a little bit more for you?  Are you looking for a way to re-energize right now?  Do you want to get fired up?  Then hang on to your stethoscope...get your glasses...or some coke...(Coca-Cola that is) and come along with me and let's focus on you, your thrival and you success with these practical tips to get your going again.

  • Stop and Think...What have you done at home and at work that is just for you? Are you allowing yourself the basic normals of everyone else's life like lunch?  A potty break?  Team member relief?  If not, why not - remember to be at your clinical, administrative or educating best - you gotta - you just must - TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!...Because if you don't no one else will.


  • Do something nice for you everyday whether at work or play.  Eat an adequate meal while on duty.  Take a break.  Leave your work area.  Shop till you drop.  Exercise.  Meet a friend or significant other in a special place you like but that you haven't had time to frequent in recent times.  Set a goal:  To do something nice for me, everyday.


  • Take back your time at home and at work.  Don't let others manage your time.  Be self directed..self controlled every time you can.  If you can't stop what you are doing and others are demanding that you do..take charge!  Offer yourself or your services at a later time by helping the other person put things in proper perspective. "May I take five more minutes to complete this and then meet you in your office?  My office?  By phone?  Or could we set a time for 2:00 pm today?   I have free time then...Unless of course this is urgent?"  Remember that most time requests aren't emergencies.

I recognize that this may be difficult especially if the time robber is your supervisor, boss, significant other or child.  However, you have to grow accustomed to self management versus other management. Taking Back Your Time Is Your Responsibility!  

  • Find some problem solving and fun loving buddies.  Have you had any fun lately at work or with work colleagues?  Do you nurse with anyone who prefers to solve problems versus gripe and complain?  Do you go to meals with the pessimistic, the negativistic, the things are always going to be terrible dream buster?  Are you spending time with nurses and other health care providers who lift you up versus knocking you out or putting you and the rest of the team down?  If you answered yes to many of these questions you could be hanging out with the wrong nursing crowd.

Lets get you focused on problem resolution instead of problem bashing.  Take a couple of simple steps:

    • Associate with nurses and team members throughout the day who have an upbeat attitude.
    • Identify some problem solving buddies and spend your time at meals solving versus complaining about problems.
    • Set a rule for yourself that you share assertively such as "If you are going to eat?  Meet?  Work?  etc. with me I want to hear solutions...we all know what the problem is...let's get serious and fix it."
    • Search through your nursing and healthcare team for some fun loving peers.  Get a real life!!  Plan some fun activities for bonding, morale, and team building on the job.  Work can be fun and refreshing!!... I know it is hard to believe if you are in a low morale group at work...but I have myself been there and done that...So role model the fun loving and problem solving behavior you want to see in your nursing team and you will be pleasantly surprised at what you see.
  • Learn how to say "NO!"  You do not have to do everything you are asked to do.  When you are asked to take on yet "another" job assignment, committee or task, give yourself some time.  Practice not agreeing to anything unless a real gun is at your head.  Always say "Let me think about that for a couple of days and I will get back you you."  or "I am spread so thin here at work (or at home),   I don't want your issue to become a bigger problem for you so I need to think about my current time commitments."  Then ask all the relevant questions you need to answer so that you can get back to the person and make a rational decision.  Always - at least most of the time say - I have to think about that at least overnight...than say NO!

  • Practice these quick renewal and success focused tactics.


    • Take a brisk walk.
    • Make up with anyone you are in conflict with.
    • Read a great book.
    • Get in the Jacuzzi, Hot Tub, or something else nice.
    • Get your hair cut, colored or renewed.
    • Eat dessert first!
    • Buy yourself or someone you love roses, jewelry or something nice.
    • Say No! Alot.
    • Hug everybody...It will make you feel good
    • Smile - it cuts down on wrinkles
    • Delegate - to anybody who doesn't move fast enough
    • Treat yourself to an extravagance.
    • Etc., etc., etc.

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